Episode 1

Published on:

21st Oct 2020

S5E1: Why editors and proofreaders should use audio

Louise Harnby and Denise Cowle talk about why audio is such a great medium for editors who want to build brand trust and grow their businesses.

Listen to find out more about

  • The popularity of audio content
  • Stability during playback
  • Native hosting on websites
  • Voices as unique brand identifiers and trust builders
  • Audio as an accessibility tool that allows communication with a diverse audience
  • Why it's a less intimidating option than video
  • The kit you need
  • Options for recording, editing and hosting
  • Editorial goals, and how audio helps us achieve them

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Denise And Louise

  • Denise Cowle: denisecowleeditorial.com
  • Louise Harnby: harnby.co/fiction-editing

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